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Swing does not manufacture the Mirage anymore as it is replaced by the Mirage RS. Occasionally we have a few EX-DEMO Classic Mirage Wings available for sale at highly reduced prices. Please contact us before placing an order. If you choose to purchase a harness combo – the relevant harness is supplied BRAND NEW. 

Info Swing Mirage Classic

Swing’s ‘Dive and Glide Master’. This wing is for the ambitious Speed Flyer and Speed Rider who’s focus is on maximum glide and dive, safety, direct and precise handling. A smaller size Mirage is also a highly suitable for Speed Riding wing for a pilot who’s focus is more flying than riding driven. The wing has a high aspect ratio, an innovative riser/line setup allowing pilots of all levels to push their limits even further.

Description Mirage Classic (original text from 2014)

It is is the first wing ever build with a 3 Line concept without a single D-Line, giving the Mirage the biggest range of glide and dive ever seen on a Speed Flying wing. An 8m2 Mirage goes nearly as steep as a 8m² Spitfire but has a glide like an 11!

This new concept together with a thinner profile, more aspect ratio and much more cells, result in the worlds most advanced Speed Flying wing ever built. Try it and like it!

The Mirage is available in Sizes 8m² Comp, 8.5m², 9.5m², 11.5m² and 13.5m².

Additional information


Comp, 8.5, 9.5, 11.5, 13.5


petrol/orange/white, yellow/black/white, red/white/gold

Optional: Package Deal | Add a harness

Don't need a harness, Brave4, Neo String, Neo Body


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