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The Brave 4 is the ultimate Speed Riding, Speed Flying and Hike & Fly Paragliding harness. It’s ultra-comfortable, lightweight and features a very practicable reversible harness/backpack. It offers optimum mobility for Speed Riding with skis and it is perfectly suitable for Speed Flying. It’s super light, less bulky and is perfectly suited to off-piste and wild area use.



Brave 4 – whatever you want!

Swing’s brand new Brave 4 features the modular Brave ZIPON System, making it the quick-change artist among convertible harnesses. It only takes seconds to adapt the Brave 4 for your particular purpose; Whether it’s ground handling, speed riding, speed flying, hike and fly or paragliding. The harness is light in weight, with an impressive comfort, durability and a sleek, minimalistic design in all adaptable modes.

The Brave 4 airbag module is unique in its category. It is attached at seven points, thus forming, together with the harness module, an LTF-certified, compact unit. Its damping values are excellent for this class and compare well with modern standard harnesses.


Brave 4-Basic module
The Brave 4-Basic module is a comfortable ultra-light harness, which adjusts perfectly to your body and follows every movement. This mode is suitable e.g. for ground handling or quick hike and fly’s.

Brave 4-speed riding/speed flying mode
The rear storage pocket is approx. 22 litres, which provides sufficient capacity for the most important gear needed by speed riders/speed flyers. Like the previous model, the Brave 4 offers optimum contact to the glider, both with and without skis.

Together with the Brave ZIPON backpack module, the Brave 4 becomes a full-featured convertible harness with an extremely functional alpine backpack, which can also be used as a stand-alone backpack. In harness mode, the backpack disappears completely into the rear storage pocket and there is still enough storage space for extra luggage.

In backpack mode, it has enough space even for “normal” paragliders up to at least size M, depending on how it is packed, and there are various attachment options for ski and/or trekking equipment.

The ventilated back system makes it extremely comfortable to carry, even on extended trips.

Brave 4-paraglider mode
The airbag module is installed in just a few steps and turns the Brave 4 into a comfortable EN/LTF-certified convertible paraglider harness.

Nitinol reinforcing rods ensure that the airbag operates perfectly even during the launch phase. If a front reserve and a speed system are also installed, the Brave 4 is the perfect solution for travellers and social pilots who want to be equipped with a small paraglider backpack for all eventualities.

Harness features

  • Swing Brave ZIPON System
  • individual leg loops, no seat-board
  • floating shoulder straps
  • adjustable back recline angle
  • access hole for drinking tube
  • stable and robust design which is very comfortable to carry
  • side pocket with zip closure for Swing Speedbag 2
  • ready for speed-system set
  • includes lightweight automatic carabiners
  • option to connect leg loops
  • 155cm – 195cm, one size fits all

Features of speed riding/speed flying module

  • storage space of approx. 22 litres in the distinctive Brave design
  • small inside pocket
  • side attachments for poles

Backpack features

  • pack volume of approx. 45 litres
  • ventilated back system with 3D mesh, making it very comfortable to carry
  • ergonomically shaped shoulder straps with 3D mesh
  • access hole for drinking tube
  • attachment points for skis and poles
  • elasticated side pockets
  • load control straps and compression straps
  • universal elastic cords in the front section for helmet or bivi equipment
  • loops for storing additional luggage

Airbag features

  • LTF 91/09 certification
  • Nitinol-reinforced, dimensionally stable construction
  • stable and robust combination of materials
  • doesn’t need to be removed to convert the harness

Weights of individual Brave 4 modules

Rear storage pocket 270g
Alpine backpack 790g
Airbag 530g
Harness-basic incl. carabiner 1190g
Total weight of all modules: 2780g

 Optional Accessories

A) Speed system-set (complete package)

  • High-quality harken block pulleys
  • Adapter/connector set for easy installation
  • Free-Spee speed system
  • Can remain permanently on the harness

B) Rescue-set (complete package)

  • Easy and fast installation
  • SWING Escape M
  • V-Line
  • Rescue weight only 1050gr incl. inner container
  • Can remain permanently on the harness
  • Superlight front container

Additional information

Optional extras

Speed system-set, Escape M rescue-set, Not required


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