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ARMSTRONG Gear Video reviews-info-tuning-tipps-and-tricks

A representative collection of Armstrong Foil Gear review videos.

Performance-engineered for surf foiling kite foiling, Armstrong designs boards for experts & beginners. Lighter, stronger, & stiffer than any boards on the market. Shop Armstrong today! For All Skill Levels. Superior Materials. Superior Design. Types: Hand Wings, Foil Boards, Foil Kits.


Best Armstrong Foil for Wing Foiling


Armstrong A Wing V2 Review

Armstrong A+ Foil System

Armstrong A+ System Flying V FV200 Tail Wing Review

Armstrong A+ System HS1550 V2 Review

Armstrong HS1250 Front Wing Review

Armstrong Foils – Mast Comparison


Armstrong Foils – Fuselage Comparison


How To Use Tail Wing Shims On Your Hydro Foil



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